I’ve put a file together of all the first names that have been used in the united states the last 130 years. You can download the file here.

The names have been ordered by popularity. Every line contains four values: the name, the number of years it has been used, the number of men with the name, and the number of women with the name.

Source: http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames/limits.html


Just for kicks, here’s a list of all the names that start with the letter ‘M’ and have a Levenshtein distance to “Michael” of less than 4: Michael, Michelle, Michele, Mitchell, Miguel, Micheal, Micah, Michaela, Mickey, Mikaela, Michel, Mitchel, Micaela, Mikel, Michell, Michal, Misael, Mickie, Michale, Mikal, Mikael, Misha, Mica, Mikhail, Micayla, Mikeal, Mychal, Miquel, Michela, Mickel, Michaella, Michaele, Micha, Migel, Mickayla, Michala, Michaelene, Micahel, Michaelle, Micheala, Mickael, Mychael, Mischa, Michayla, Michial, Michella, Mickeal, Michiel, Michiko, Michaeline, Mccall, Macel, Mechele, Michaelyn, Micael, Mikkel, Micole, Michon, Michae, Michail, Mikail, Machell, Michalene, Mechell, Mikhael, Mical, Mykael, Mishael, Mishell, Mickaela, Machaela, Michaell, Miciah, Miangel, Mikhaila, Machele, Micala, Michaeleen, Mirel, Michaiah, Mikhayla, Mychaela, Missael, Mizael, Michah, Mickala, Macaela, Michalle, Michaila, Mitcheal, Mishayla, Mikhaela, Mitchael, Mickle, Maciel, Micaella, Mithcell, Miachel, Mirabel, Machael, Michaelann, Mckaela, Mishel, Mickell, Michaelah, Mischell, Mishawn, Michaelina, Michi, Michole, Micaila, Michall, Michaelia, Michalla, Michaeal, Michille, Marchel, Mycal, Mechel, Machel, Mikhala, Michiah, Michai, Mischele, Machai, Mishal, Minal, Michie, Mindel, Micheale, Mcihael, Micharl, Mashal, Mycheal, Mikaele, Michio, Michoel, Macall, Michelyn, Minha, Mihcael, Macrae, Micca, Miche, Mickal, Mihail, Michol, Mikhai, Mael, Micheil, Mathel, Mychele, Monchel, Mishele, Michealla, Michealle, Macheal, Machala, Michalia, Mikiel, Makael, Michielle, Michaya, Micai, Mikhal, Michaelray, Marchae, Mitchal, Michalea, Mikaeel, Micahla, Mickela, Mishaal, Miel, Michelee, Mican, Mishay, Mchale, Machayla, Michaeel, Michalah, Mihai, Miha, Michea, Mickale, Maichael, Mishaela, Mychala, Mccrae, Minaal, Mischel, Mihailo, Mitzel, Miccah, Mickaila, Michiye, Mihaela, Mihael, Mich, Mital, Micheaux, Michaellee, Micale, Michalena, Mychel, Michelin, Mccaela, Mcrae, Methel, Michaee, Mahkel, Michia, Miykael, Michelli, Michalyn, Mycha, Misae, Mikial, Micaya, Micol, Miceala, Michieal, Michaelynn, Mykhal, Michiya, Markael, Micheyla, Mithil, Makhail, Micel, Michelly, Michaleen, Mikhel, Misel, Mecha, Mckall, Mackel, Micahi, Machela, Micaelah, Miral, Michiyo, Mickiel, Michyla, Mikhale, Mekael, Mykhail, Mecaela, Migual, Mckel, Mashae, Mycaela, Michone, Mykhael, Mirae, Mishaun, Michle, Marichal, Michaael, Mechaela, Miarae, Michaelena, Michaeljay, Mishale, Mishea, Mckae, Micia, Mishaila, Myshae, Mishie, Micchael, Meichele, Mache, Mikayel, Mijael, Mickail, Mchael, Micquel, Meshae, Mychell, Michaia, Mickalla, Mckail, Michaelin, Michaeljr, Michiele, Miichael, Mmichael, Mcchael, Michuel, Michaels, Michile, Meshel, Michaylah, Mihajlo, Mikaeli, Michaelee, Mocha, Micaleb, Missel, Mikaal, Minhanh, Meshal, Miriel, Misheel, and Mykhel.